The Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies has opened a new direction — EduTech

The direction is headed by Ekaterina Mogilnitskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Board.
The direction will focus on digital transformation of education in the field of financial technologies, innovative solutions, interaction with Ukrainian and International FinTech and EduTech providers for the development of fintech Laboratories.

"We were discussing this issue with market participants from the first days. We will focus our efforts on the digital transformation of education in the field of financial technologies through the use of solutions from Ukrainian FinTech companies, scaling our best practices in the field of fintech Laboratories and best international practices to strengthen the human resources potential of the financial technology market. I am sure that Ekaterina will increase the achievements of the Association and will be able to contribute to the development of accessibility of interaction between the scientific community and the fintech industry," said Rostislav Dyuk, Chairman of the Board.

As Deputy Chairman of the Board, Ekaterina Mogilnitskaya will be responsible for the development of the EduTech direction, interaction with higher educational institutions in order to popularize the teaching of disciplines necessary for the development of FinTech specialists and the development of fintech Laboratories in universities. Ms. Mogilnitskaya has had extensive experience and has made a lot of efforts to establish cooperation between Ukraine and China in terms of innovation development, is an expert on socio-political issues, author of many scientific articles and a teacher at the Institute of international relations.

The Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies is a non-profit organization that develops the fintech ecosystem and increases the level of financial inclusion in Ukraine. We bring together government agencies, classic businesses, startups, investors, and the community. The Association, which has more than 60 members, started working in June 2018.
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