Another step towards the European future: UAFIC has become an associate member of the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA)

On March 31, the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies began cooperation with a relevant European industry body representing the digital finance community throughout Europe. It should be noted that UAFIC became the first non-European association to join the EDFA, which already has 16 financial associations from European countries.
"The Ukrainian market is an important European market, full of skilled businessmen, programmers and consumers, accustomed to the use of digital technologies. Recently, Ukraine has taken a decisive step towards joining the EU, it is extremely important for us to begin the process of rapprochement as soon as possible, given the reliability of fast-changing financial regulation", said Maria Stashkevych, EDFA President.

The European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) is an independent industry body representing the digital finance community. Founded in February 2020, EDFA brings together more than a dozen European national fintech associations and several thousand members of these associations. EDFA members are startups, financial institutions, investors, and technology companies.

EDFA's goal is to strengthen innovation in the financial sector by promoting technological development and supporting the innovative business ecosystem, compliance with international law and the highest standards of customer protection, transparency, and sustainability.

"It is a great honour for UAFIC to become the first organization to receive the status of an associate member of EDFA. We are grateful to our colleagues from the European Digital Finance Association for their support during this difficult period for Ukraine. At the same time, we hope for fruitful cooperation and implementation of many useful projects together", said Rostyslav Dyuk, Chairman of the Board of UAFIC.

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