FinSkarga project was supported by more than 20 players on the Ukrainian financial market

The national platform for mediation of financial services consumer complaints has already been supported by PrivatBank, Oshchadbank, UkrSibbank, Moneyveo and other market players
In just two months, the FinSkarga project team has attracted more than 20 market players. These players are among them: PrivatBank, Oschadbank, UkrSibbank, Pravex-Bank, TASCOMBANK, Moneyveo, Sportbank and others. FinSkarga is the first independent mediation platform for resolving disputes between consumers and financial service providers. The service will make it possible to settle financial complaints free of charge without recourse to the regulator or court.

In addition to handling consumer complaints, FinSkarga provides advisory support to both parties, acting as a mediator of the process. The project team will also conduct research to identify the main reasons for users' dissatisfaction with financial services.

More information about the platform can be found at: http://finskarga.com.ua. The test launch is scheduled for August 2020.
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