Rostyslav Dyuk has spoken at "FinTech and Regulation"

Chairman of the board of Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies Rostyslav Dyuk spoke at the international online conference "FinTech and Regulation" organized by the International Bank of Azerbaijan and IBA Tech Academy
Experts from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Ukraine have discussed hot topics and trends in financial regulation, FinTech industry market structure and its development.

Rostyslav Dyuk has noted that proactive participation of the Central Bank is needed to implement the right regulatory frames and to create a successful FinTech ecosystem. "For Ukraine, this means creating and developing a full-fledged sandbox. As well as the implementation of world standards, primarily European (PSD2, Open Banking), will allow Ukrainian FinTech Ecosystem providers to enter foreign markets faster. As soon as Ukraine implements the European requirements for FinTech, there will be a strong push for the development of the FinTech Ecosystem, which will allow our companies to be competitive in the world markets", – said Rostyslav Dyuk.

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